Denim spring this year, there must be the most popular

[REVIEW] The most stylish fashion label is what? It is none other than non-blue denim youth. The soft, light texture. Light blue and deep indigo. Youth Boosey close drape fitted, sky-blue Weila trousers, handsome piece mounted ... By cultivating the mix, stacking and spring loaded to create a charm.

Elegant light blue Weila comeback

POINT sky blue chambray pants resurgence Weila

Heart Sutra with a touch of sky blue that accompanied Weila style, with elegant antique stores, while pants are also modified to maximize the leg line. Sense of light and through the pastoral style shirt with light blue cloak echo, try to take a touch of bright color in the bottom shirt, passing along the clothes, the overall tone of harmony so that the whole body dress is elegant and refined.

Orange swimsuit, blue bell bottom pants H & M

Penny Black shoes

Promod hat

Zara shirt

Corsage Martine Wester

Hamburg-style building with a Siamese mix and match pants

Indigo Tongshen stylish piece mounted POINT Hamburg-style dress rules

Heart Sutra with a cloth to create the piece with the youth pants, next to the skin, drape and comfortable. With this season's most fashionable dress of Hamburg-style rules to build levels, light-colored primer vest, overlay touch of black pigment, bunt camel linen suits and the length of the internal form, color differences. Sense of the whole body level of rich, handsome but not procrastination.

Linen jacket, black shirt Ilaria

Zara vest

H & M denim jumpsuit

Shoes MaxMara

Spring fashion denim

POINT youth cloth can also Appears on the Stage

The blue and white with a young heart cloth, natural Chouzhe, zippers, curling shoulder profile, just the perfect little dress-type brains could wear to fashion Party. Section at the waist decorated with a red velvet girdle, stockings with the same color of the burgundy base, a dazzling large crystal necklace, an elegant dinner party handbag. This elegant outfit, who says young people can Appears on the Stage cloth?

Denim skirt H & M

Lily handbag

Belt SIU

Bracelets, necklaces Martine Wester